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Rosh IT Solutions have expertise in Office Management Systems, HR Management Systems, Call Management systems, Document Management Systems, Contract Management systems, Conference/Meeting management systems, Subscriber/Billing management systems, Procurement management systems, Vendor management systems, Payroll Management systems, Travel Management Systems, Remote Production Management Systems, Vehicle tracking systems, Visitor Management systems, Logistics Management system, Hospital Management Systems, School/ College Management Systems, Training Management Systems, Attendance management Biometric system, Inventory Management systems, Hotel Management systems, Point of Sale solutions for Retail and Packaging.

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    Service/Warranty Management system

    Service Management Software manage can help you to dramatically increase productivity and efficiency and also decreases cost as fewer dispatchers are needed.. It?s designed to give small and medium sized companies the same high-powered features that bigger ones enjoy, but at a fraction of the price.

    School management system

    School Management System is a compact package, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in Education System. It helpful in keeping the records related to Student Info & Fee Management ,Library Timetable & Examination, Hostel Management ,Transport Management, Billing & Accounts , Attendance Records , HR & Payroll activity etc

    Attendance management system

    Attendance Management System is a user-friendly, flexible and full featured employee attendance management tool which allows controlling employees? attendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking.captures data from Time and Attendance Terminals.

    Hospital Management system

    Hospital management System has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, to provide the finest automation and messaging systems. The solution being reliable and scalable, has been designed keeping in mind today's complex processing,

    Service/Warranty Management system

    Admin panel

    • Complete call tracker for the month
    • Asp(authorized service providers) registration
    • Asp?s account enable/disable authority
    • Adding parts into database
    • Invoicing parts to various asp?s
    • Can view and edit the job status of the asp?s
    • Service claim report (monthly)
    • Can send sms/email to any registered asp?s
    • Can get the reports for part claim?s , escalated calls , po reports

    Asp panel

    • Can register an repair call
    • Can purchase the order
    • Can download the needed software?s which are uploaded by admin
    • Can contact the admin through mail/sms at any time

    School management system

    Features available

    Basic Software

    • Student Admission
    • Class Management
    • Teacher Assignment
    • Student mangement
    • Fees Modules
    • Reports
    • Backup and Restore

    Additional modules that can be added to the Basic package

    • ID card Module
    • Exam Module
    • Library Module
    • Laboratory Module
    • HR Management for teachers and Staff
    • Biometric control of the HR management system
    • Payroll Management
    • Transport/ Pick-up & Drop Vehicle management
    • Accounts/Expenses module

    Attendance management system

    Features available

    Main Objectives

    • To maintains the Attendance, tour and the leave details of the employees.
    • To keep a track on the movement of the employees.
    • To generate various important reports that provides valuable information to the top level management.

    Main Features

    • Keeps track on the daily attendance, leave details of the employees.
    • Maintains the movement register of each and every employee while they are on tour.
    • Maintains the details of the employees who have resigned.
    • Provides the administrator a full control over the module and allows him to make changes into the attendance details, input the leave details of the employees going on leave and tour details in case the employee goes out on official tour.
    • Generates various important reports like the daily and monthly attendance register, the leave report, late comers report, employees special timings report, daily report relating to the number of hours spent by each employee within the organization, holidays report, etc.
    • Generation of reports in user-defined formats and reduce the paper work.
    • Export of reports in various formats such as RTF, HTML, Excel, Lotus, Word Document, etc.
    • Menu-Driven and user friendly Programs.
    • Emailing of generated reports from the application itself.

    Inputs To The Package

    • Holiday Details.
    • Different Employee Timings.
    • Out of Office.
    • Default Timings for the Employees.
    • Tour Details.
    • Leave Details.
    • Attendance.
    • Administrator Details.

    Report Generated

    • Attendance Report.
    • Employee-Wise Tour/ Leave Details.
    • Attendance Register.
    • List of Holidays.
    • Daily Attendance Report.
    • Project Manager-Wise Attendance Report.
    • Employees Coming After Time.
    • Employee Multiple timing.
    • Employee Total Working Hours.
    • Employees Coming Late (Monthly).
    • Employee Monthly Attendance Details.

    Hospital Management system

    Features available

    • Registration.
    • Patient Check In / Check Out.
    • Laboratory / Pathology Automation.
    • Inventory System.
    • Food Department Automation.
    • Medicine.
    • Patient Record Maintenance.
    • Staff Record Maintenance.
    • Staff Payroll System.
    • Doctor Consultant.
    • Laundry Maintenance System.
    • Emergency Services.
    • Operation Room / ICU Maintenance.
    • In-house Mailing System.
    • Blood Bank Maintenance System.
    • Database of Blood Donors / Blood Group.
    • Billing System.
    • Communication of different Group Hospitals (If Any) through Internet.
    • News forum for flashing news, articles and important meetings.
    • Infrastructure Maintenance.
    • Medical Equipment Maintenance.
    • Integration of various disciplines.
    • Web Sites for the Hospitals & its Features.