Trading and Distribution Software A triumphant trading & distribution business is equal to the right mix of tools and techniques leveraged astutely to plan, garner, ship as well as deliver goods to the customers in a timely manner. Understanding distribution needs of your business and executing it optimally are two separate things. For this, you require the right software. Rosh IT Solutions., is your prefect partner here, as it offers a full-spectrum of industry-standard and best-in-class ERP, CRM and payroll solutions to manoeuvre your trading & distribution business in the right direction.

CRM for trading & distribution at a glance:


• Precise customer data management

• Order management

• Enhanced customer service

• Time saving and effective opportunity tracking

• Actionable and valuable insights

• Empowers your sales team to upsurge sales

• Real-time sales reports and analytics Logistic Management Service The logistics and transportation activities are moving towards the centre stage world around and becoming the most critical business function in today's world of immense competition. Today, quickest and efficient supply chain management is the key success factor for many business sectors. Surface transport still rules as the most widely used mode of logistics in our country. It's high time; the transportation companies switch to futuristic technology solutions to manage the ever growing industry requirements and never ending customer demands.The solutions that move beyond just logics, towards being efficient, cost effective and quick. Welcome to the pages of Rosh IT Solutions, the most needed logistics enabler for your haulage business!